Tal-massar winery is not a new concept. our humble beginning date back to 1934 when our ancestor Carmel hili came to gozo from Detroit, America and founded the winery. he had worked hard for 16 years to collect enough money to start the enterprise. first he spent 10 years in Algeria working in a pig farm and he earned just enough to buy a ticket to America. after that he worked with Ford Motor company for another 6 years and came back with enough money to start the winery. after 2 years of operation he won the Maltese vintners competition.

The winery continued to work till the 1970’s. Carmel had become old and being childless, he was reliant on his nephew Alfred. as an only son, Alfred, a full time teacher, was already busy caring for his elderly parents, uncle and aunt as well as three sons. so he could not take on the business full time. wine making however, became his hobby for the next 25 years.

In 2003, Anthony (aged 29), the youngest son of Alfred, together with his wife Marisa took over the family tradition and started working hard to open the winery. the tal-massar wine was launched in 2010.